Sunday, May 23, 2010

Indecision Records Catalog 1997-98

A few months ago Lindsey & I got serious about moving; which meant I got serious about being nostalgic and digging through some boxes/tubs of things I've accumulated. I told myself that I was looking for things I no longer wanted and could trash prior to the move; and I did. I also unearthed a lot of old fliers, zines, etc.

And then they sat, begging to be recognized again. I hauled some of them 2 doors down a while back to share with some friends at at the GK Lounge; but overall they still sat.

With he new blog and an attempt to try to stay focused in a realistic manner, I seperated the stack in to a more "overall" appeal stack and a "more local" appeal pile, and began tackling the overall pile. Here's one of the first ones.

This catalog has some nice, simple layouts and still looks really good now some 12-13 years later. Note, inside on the first page it mentions a Fastbreak lp to come out on Indecision; which never came to be. Not sure if its referencing what became Fast Cars or the other album they did (which i will not name).

Enjoy, full scans in the download. More to come.

DOWNLOAD: Indecision Records Catalog

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