Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where Eagles Dare - "To Come From Nowhere"

With last weeks posting of the last two Where Eagles Dare songs (link here) I had planned on holding off a little longer on posting the ep & album, but when Chip posted the "In A Thousand Words or Less" ep on xSTUCK IN THE PASTx this week, I decided to get the album up and make as much of the band's body of work readily available at one time as was possible. In the process of doing this today, I have found that the split cd/7inch with Set It Straight is out of print; so maybe at a later date a discography post will occur.

For those still not in the know- fast hardcore, some melody, lots of punk, and the occasional breakdown (for a better description look at the previous WED post).
For me, Where Eagles Dare would eventually transcend any descriptions I could ever give them other than one word, Friends. They certainly helped reaffirm the reasons I listen to, love, and still get excited about punk and hardcore.

I first saw WED in a dirt driveway in Redlands, Ca. (nevermind that it was originally set to go down in the parking lot of a shopping center). Simple enough beginnings, especially when I didn't know what to think at first. We helped them lug their gear from what could best be described as a Winnebago held together with mostly tape, hope, and a desire to play loud music; only to watch the band set up and half of them don bandannas over their faces and begin playing. As soon as the music started though, it was, as a good friend of mine jokingly heckled "Sounds like Shutdown meets Stretch Arm Strong", to which Jaysen quickly replied something along the lines of "I love being compared to two bands i love".

Over the years I got a lot of chances to see them; Showcase Theatre more than a few times, Modified Arts where I witnessed John get chased by a transvestite "lady of the night" as Myc rushed to his defense; the Gazebo in Redlands and the fucking porcelain plate debacle; a Smoke Bar in Riverside, Ca at midnight on a damn weekday; the last show and the drive through the CA and AZ deserts to see the band one last time, and the benefit show; all worth every bit of it. A great hardcore band, and very good people with good things to say.

Enjoy the album, I still do...

DOWNLOAD: Where Eagles Dare - "To Come From Nowhere"


  1. hey, do you have the Demo? I have everything else (including those last Demo's you put up, thanks!), but i never got a chance to hear the origianl Demo.

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