Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where Eagles Dare - "Rip Out These Tired Chapters"

Where Eagles Dare were an early to mid-2000's Hardcore band from Arizona. Drawing on a wide range of punk & hardcore influences, one can hear the influence bands such as Stretch Arm Strong & Shutdown had on the band as well as classics as varied as Misfits and Gorilla Biscuits. Musically, fast paced and melody laden hardcore; vocally akin to singers such as the aforementioned Stretch Arm Strong. With an energetic live show to go along with it, they released a demo, ep, lp, and split ep before calling it quits.

Upon their break-up they had 2 songs left from a demo recorded in September of 2005 that were never properly mixed or released; but were made available on their myspace page before it was taken down. Here on this Ep are those two songs (one room sanctuary & my song), run through some mastering, leveling, and even a little creative fun with the beginning of My Song all by way of Adobe Audition 3; to give them a more balanced and fuller sound, as if they were getting a proper release. The third track is an alternative version of a song from their full length; which when I had asked a few years ago, no one could seem to remember what it was recorded for.

Members went on to, among other things, Red Son, Royal Monsters, and the infamous George Moshington.

Download: Where Eagles Dare - "Rip Out These Tired Chapters"


  1. One of the tracks are corrupt. Can you reup?

  2. Sure can. I'll re-up tonight, Chip


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