Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tell Me, Who is Who!

This new year is nearly at the halfway mark and I realize I have not put in anywhere near what I have gotten out of the treasure trove of Out of Print/Rare/Unreleased music this year; and to that end a return to posting seems imminent.

The old blog is dead, long live the old blog- What We Want Music Blog remains up and the downloads should be active as well. The goal is to keep it up and running, and probably with some time, fold in many of the posts into this blog.

What We Want has run it's course for me; it had a much more specific trajectory of 90's Hardcore (of many types) and I always intended for a more diverse foundation. With that in mind, Who Is Who? will be the next venture into music blogs for me. Still the same idea; rare, unreleased, out of print, live music and mostly of the HC/Punk variety. Much of it will still be directly from my own collection, so here we go... homage to the name of the blog, the first post's musical offering is one of the first punk cd's I ever bought; Adolescents "Live in 81 and 86".

The Adolescents first album is not only one of the best punk records & spawning grounds for melodic hardcore punk; but is also a great album of music in any category. To that end, these two live sets that came out on one CD on Triple X Records show the energy and sarcasm so often associated with early 80's punk/HC, but also shows what a tight unit they were live musically and vocally- Bad Religion may have made 'ooohhs and ahhhs' infamous in punk, but the Adolescents did it first and did it great.

These recordings definitely show their age, but they're really good quality all the same. PS- the last 3 songs are not live, but non-album versions of Adolescent songs.

DOWNLOAD: Adolescents - "Live in '81 & '86"

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